The custodian & central communicating body for inter / intra region having key responsibilities for:

Manage meetings & tour of Director.
Dealing confidential matters, ACRs of Officer & Officials of the Directorate.
Dealing policy matters



A-1 (Dairy & Dispatch) :
Responsible for Diary / Dispatch along with management of postal & communication system of RMC, Karachi.

A – 2 (Store & Supply):
Having active role for procurement,
Service & Maintains & provision of essential items either consumable or non consumable

A – 3 (Establishment):
Efficiently handling Posting / Transfers,
Leave Matters,
Service Record Keeping,
Communication with Staff as well as Met HQs level located in Karachi & Islamabad.

A – 4 (Finance):
Responsible for handling Financial Matters
Including Budget Matters of RMC Karachi,
Correspondence with Different AGPR units,
Matters related to GP Funds, Loans & Advances of RMC, Personals.



Repair & Maintenance of Observatories.
General Matters.
Manage the utilities and contingences.
Manage accommodation matters.



Scrutiny of meteorological data received from observatories, MMR, ACWR and its archiving.
Making different type of statistical record for further research.
Maintaining the Regional Library.



Maintenance and keep of Met Instruments (Electrical or Electronic) of all station of this region i.e. S.S.B, VSAT, AWS etc ..
To arrange all monitoring i.e. WMO, SAARC on yearly / special basis.

Regional Drought Monitoring Centre (RDMC):


Maintain the record of monthly Rainfall data of all District / Tal’lukas. i.e. about Hundred (100) stations and archive at RDMC Karachi and send it to NDMC Islamabad.
RDMC working of drought data reception and dissemination.

Regional Computerize Data Processing Centre (RCDPC):


Check and digitize MMR, Pocket Registers, Climate data, Rainfall (Ordinary & Consolidated), Sun shine and Monthly Max, Min, RH.
Maintain all data Record and send to CDPC.
Supply the data to other organizations as when requested.
Supply the data on CDPC or Head quarter request.

Regional Inspectorate:


Establishment of new Observatories.
Deals with Legal / Court matters.
Stores and Supply the Met Instruments to the Observatories.
Periodically visits to Observatories for General Inspection and Calibration of Instruments.
Manage the QMS relevant record & ISO Certification.
Technical assistance for Moon Sighting meeting.