Currently, Regional Meteorological Centre, Karachi is having Administrative Control as well as responsible for provision of logistic support to its network. And to oversee and supervise the preparation and provision of aviation Met service (METAR, SPECI, TAF, and FLIGHT DOCUMENTATION for enroute weather forecast) to the CAA, ATCs, Airlines and other users.

To oversee, manage and supervise the recording/generation and dissemination of SURAFCE, PILOT, AGRO-MET, DROUGHT, AERO-MET and SEISMIC data.
Also MWO Office working on:

     >>     Marine Weather Service.
     >>     Aviation Met service provision.
     >>     Regional weather forecast for Sindh.


     *     The prime achievement has been of getting the ISO 9001:2008 compliant QMS certificate in provision of aviation met service at 17 airport Met offices across Pakistan.

      *     As a MR (and formerly DMR) played a central and instrumental role in achieving the QMS certificate.

      *      Aviation met service being the only one in PMD having QMS certification.

     *     The overall performance of observatories on data recording/generation has been satisfactory during WMO annual data monitoring.